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          MSU Denver’s 创新和终身学习 (I&LL) programs offer top quality flexible and continuing education. I&LL provides flexible courses to current University students, prepares high school students for college through concurrent and dual enrollment programs, educates the metro area workforce for an ever-changing economy, and works with local companies to upskill employees.

          Whether you’re seeking to hone skills, earn a needed certification, or expand career opportunities, MSU Denver’s I&LL program can help you meet your professional and educational goals.

          Student with laptop at home, with the text Self-Paced Online

          High school student stilling on stairs, with the text Concurrent/ Dual Enrollment - high school students

          Instructor and students talking near river with 职业发展 text

          Students in MSU Denver student lounge, with text South Campus at DTC

          Working professionals listening to trainer, with text 劳动力培训


          电子邮件: lifelonglearning@msudenver.edu 

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