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          Transfer Students. Get Started and Apply Today!

          COVID-19 RESPONSE: Changes and Updates

          Due to the current COVID-19 situation, S and P grades will be accepted for spring 2020 grades only, for students transferring credits.

          A transfer student is any student who has earned college credit after graduating from high school or receiving a GED. The number of credits completed determines what is required in the admission process.


          What You Should Know

          • The Transfer Services Team within admissions helps students successfully transfer from other colleges to MSU Denver. They also visit community colleges and college fairs. Check out when we will be in your area
          • More transfer students choose MSU Denver than any other four-year institution in the state
          • Transfer students consistently represent more than 50 percent of all of the University’s new students
          • According to the Colorado Community College System, MSU Denver has been Colorado’s No. 1 destination for transfer students for seven years in a row
          • Review the guidelines which explain how MSU Denver determines elegibilty of transfer credits. 

          Application Deadlines

          FALL 2020

          SPRING 2021

          SUMMER 2021 

          Aug. 10, 2020
          Dec. 15, 2020
          May 17, 2021 


          How Do I Start?

          As a transfer student, your admission to MSU Denver is simple!

          1. Apply Online with your $25.00 application fee
          2. Submit an official transcript from each college or university attended


          Not Ready to Apply Yet? Start your checklist on the Transfer Portal and keep track of your steps.

          transfer toolbox icon

          Transfer Toolbox

          Will my credits transfer? All the tools you need to find out.

          Explore tools including the new Transfer Credit Portal. See how credits from colleges and universities will transfer and how they apply to your bachelor’s degree.

          Tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarships for Transfer Students

          Transfer Admissions Requirements

          More than 24 transferrable credits:

          Students that are 19 years-of-age and younger and have more than 24 transferrable credits will be considered as a first-year student for admission purposes. Only college transcripts will be considered in the review. 

          Less than 24 transferrable credits: 

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          *Transferrable credits are college credits that are determined by MSU Denver to transfer into the University. All transferrable courses must be considered college level and be completed with a C- or better. 

          More than 24 transferrable credits:

          Students that are 20 years-of-age and older will be admitted regardless of their cumulative GPA with submission of an official high school transcript, official GED transcript or an official college transcript with 24 or more transferrable credits.

          Less than 24 transferrable credits: 

          Official High School Transcript or Official GED Transcripts will be needed to make an admissions decision.

          Course Placement: If you have standardized test scores less than 5 years old (ACT or SAT), these scores can be helpful for advising purposes and placement into classes. If you do not have a standardized test score, you may need to take a  with the .


          *Transferrable credits are college credits that are determined by MSU Denver to transfer into the University. All transferrable courses must be considered college level and be completed with a C- or better.

          Submit an official transcript from each college or university attended. Click here for mailing addresses and options for submitting

          Find out about how to submit international application materials here. Click on the “College/University Transcripts” drop-down menu for instructions on how to submit non-U.S. college or university transcripts. Please note that other contents, including TOEFL, visa, etc do not apply to non-F1 students.





          I've Finished My Application. Now What?

          You will receive an admissions decision via email and a mailed letter in three weeks or less. To check the status of your application at any time login or contact us

          If You Are Admitted

          It is best to submit official transcripts as soon as possible, however, an admissions decision can be made based on the information you reported on your application and unofficial documents when needed. Prior to attending, you will need to submit your official transcripts or GED score (and official test scores if applicable) to complete your file. Enrollment and financial aid can be impacted if you do not submit, so be sure to request them if you didn't already at the time you applied. 

          Transfer Honor Role Seal 2020

          Phi Theta Kappa’s 2020 Transfer Honor Roll

          This distinguished honor is awarded to the top 25% of colleges who earned the highest Transfer Friendliness Ratings
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